4 Steps that you may follow to repair your credit report yourself

If you have a bad credit record, then you should understand that you must repair your credit. It is not necessary that you have to take the help of credit repair companies and their credit repair services. You can do simple repair credit yourself as well. You should always remember that there is nothing extra that a credit repair company will do for you that you will not be able to do for yourself.

Some of the steps that are to be taken in order to repair your credit yourself are as follows.

1. Getting the copy of your credit reports: If you do not exactly know what are the areas that you need to repair, then you will never be able to fix your credit. For this you will need a copy of your credit report. You must order your credit report from the three major bureaus-Trans union, Equifax, Experian. This is because usually creditors will report to only one bureau, about you. Thus, in order to ensure that you get a true picture of your credit history you must order a Tri-merge credit report which will contain blended results from all 3 credit bureaus.

2. Reviewing your reports: After you have received your credit reports you must assess them very carefully. Familiarize yourself with all the information that is provided. While you are reviewing your credit report you must highlight all the incorrect information that is their on the credit report. This could include payments that have not been properly reported.

3. Disputing the inaccuracies: The next step in the process of credit repair is disputing any negative information on your credit report that you think is erroneous. In order to dispute your credit report you will have to send a letter to the credit bureau. In this letter you are to mention all the inaccuracies that are there in the credit report. It is best if you can send along with the letter a copy of your credit report. On this copy you must highlight all the information that as per you is not correct.

4. Tackling those accounts that are due: You should understand that your payment history has a very strong effect on your credit report. Thus, it is imperative that you will need to take care of the payment history. This implies that all the past due accounts will have to be cleared. You must pay the charge offs. You can also work with debt collectors and together with them take care of collection accounts.

These are the steps that you must follow in order to repair credit yourself. After you are done with the following you must try to get new credit that is, positive items on your credit report.