Annual Free Credit Report – Your Legal Right #7

Your Credit Report: Legal Right #7

You Have the Right to Find Out Who Has Seen Your Credit File

Credit bureaus are required to tell you who has seen your report in the past two years for employment purposes and during the past year for all other purposes. As I mentioned in Chapter One, the names of the firms that have accessed your file will be listed in the “inquiries” section of your report.

In the past, it has often been difficult to tell exactly which companies accessed your credit report, because their names were often abbreviated on the reports. Experian was the only reporting agency that gave complete names and addresses for inquiries. Now, however, credit bureaus must list the full name or business name of anyone who reviewed your report during the time frames listed above. In addition, the bureau must also supply the address and telephone number of the company if you ask for it. Creditor contact information may be listed on your report.

If you find inquiries from companies you don’t recognize on your report, and they aren’t promotional inquiries, dig a little deeper to make sure your file wasn’t illegally accessed. The following section explains who can legally access your credit report.