Cheapest Credit Report

The cheapest credit report is the free annual credit report without credit scores you can get once per year at You can also order a free credit report if you are turned down for credit or are seeking employment.

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Credit Report Prices for one time credit report:

TrueCredit 3-in-1 Credit Report & Credit Score – one time tri merged credit report with score – $29.95

Credit Report Prices for credit monitoring unlimited credit scores all three bureaus:

IDENTITY GUARD® EXTRA CAUTION® – 30 day free trial – then $14.95 monthly

IDENTITY GUARD® TOTAL PROTECTION SM – 30 day free trial – then $17.95 monthly

If you want to get your free credit scores you can pay for an online credit report or apply for auto credit or a mortgage. When you apply for a mortgage loan the lender or broker is required by law to issue a credit score disclosure. However it is not a good idea to apply for credit unless you have a need. Purchasing a cheap credit report online is your best option if you have already gotten your annual free credit report.

You can get free credit scores with your credit report if you sign up for the cheapest credit monitoring and identity protection. If you just want the cheapest credit report then here is a tri merge credit report with scores for under 30 bucks.

Free annual credit reports are the cheapest credit reports since the government had the credit reporting agencies set up the site. However you will have to pay for your credit scores.

Signing up for credit monitoring or identity theft protection costs about $10-$15 bucks a month after the free trial period ends. By signing up for one of these credit services, getting the credit report and free credit scores, then remembering to cancel before the free trial period ends will get you a credit report with credit scores at no charge. You can sign up online and through most credit card companies.

Having a business check your credit is also an option, but this will count as a credit inquiry against you and could reduce your credit score. This is probably not a good idea unless you really plan to buy something on credit.

Finally you can buy a tri merged credit report for about thirty dollars with credit scores online. If your are not interested in monthly credit services then this is going to be your best bet. In the end the cheapest credit report will cost you about 30$ bucks either way by paying for your scores at annualcreditreport .com or just buying a 3 file credit report from an online credit agency reseller. If you are willing to jump through some hoops then you can save the thirty bucks but I think most people will forget to cancel and end up paying a monthly fee for a while.