Check Credit Report

Check your Tri-merge credit report (or all three individual credit reports) at least once a year. Monthly if you are at risk for identity theft, monthly monitoring is also needed when you are working on improving your credit score.

You need to know what information is reported to the credit agencies and who is checking you out. Credit reports that come with monitoring alerts you as soon as your credit file is pulled or as soon as there is a change to your information. Updated account information and payment history are reported monthly near the 6th of the month by creditors to credit bureaus. If you are re checking your credit score on a monthly basis or to re-apply for a loan. The best time to pull an updated credit score report in on the 10th of each month.

All you have to do it try it out and you will be on your way to fixing your credit. Getting a free credit report and continuing with monthly service is much easier and cheaper than using a credit repair service. You can do it yourself. It is pretty easy
Easy steps to fix your credit reports score online. You cannot afford to put it off any longer. You are paying hundreds extra each month.

  • See what is on your credit reports. This is the first step to getting your credit fixed
  • Consumer inquiries do not hurt your credit so check your credit yourself. Do not apply for credit to just to check your score
  • Do not pay old collections this can bring that account to a current derogatory status and lower your credit score
  • Do not close old accounts with a long history increase credit limits on your accounts and keep the balances low
  • Write to all 3 three credit agencies to make sure incorrect information is removed from all three of the credit repositories
  • Only use credit cards and equity lines for short-term financing. Get a fixed installment loan for long-term borrowing needs
  • Do not pay off old collections prior to applying for a loan. Get the loan approved subject to paying off your collections

A twenty to eighty point increase is easily attainable/doable for most consumers. Within a short period of time you can start to save hundreds monthly.

You need to fix your credit with all three credit companies : Equifax, Experian, Trans Union
Protect your identity by getting alerted when your credit file is changed or pulled.
Another benefit to sticking with the credit alert service is you will know right away when someone is trying to apply for credit in your name. Protect your good consumer credit score by checking your credit file often and matching up all of your accounts with what you carry in your purse or wallet. Thieves usually clone your credit cards in restaurants or places where you lose sight of the card for a minute.

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