What are the Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy?

If you are having trouble keeping up with your bills, are receiving harassing phone calls all day, or need to figure out a way to make up payments that you are behind, then bankruptcy may be an option for you. There are both benefits and detriments to those considering filing bankruptcy. In my opinion as […] Read more »

Ways to Repay Your Debts

If you have debt problems then determining the best course of action for paying off your debts can be tricky. There are several options for repaying debt, which option you choose will have to be determined by your specific situation. One option to repay your debts is to pay on your own. This requires that […] Read more »

A New Trend Towards Paying Down Credit Cards

A few years ago, when the recession was just starting to hit, consumer credit card debt was at an all-time high. At no other time in history was there such a cavalier attitude towards debt, and it was clear to many financial experts that this lifestyle of debt could not continue forever. As the economy […] Read more »