Experian Credit Score Scale

The Experian credit score scale varies according to which scoring model the lender pulling your credit score is used. Looking at Experian’s Vantage Score, credit scores can range from 501 to 990. Please understand that the very highest credit scores most lending professional’s ever see is in the 850 credit score range. And your score […] Read more »

Credit Bureau Phone Numbers

You may need credit bureau phone numbers to request a free credit report if you have been turned down or would like to opt out of pre approved credit card offers. Place security freezes, fraud alerts or get information about business credit services. Contact information for Equifax, Trans Union and Experian is listed below. Equifax […] Read more »

Credit Bureaus: Credit Rating Agencies

Credit rating agencies, our business is their business. An excellent credit score usually makes the difference between a “yes” or “no” on your loan application. Most information in credit reports is positive, and millions of people get approved for loans without a hitch. But it doesn’t always work that way. The problem is, you may think […] Read more »