Don’t Touch Your 401k To Repay Debt Just Yet!

Before you cash in your retirement plans remember you always have alternative options which should at least be explored. Unless you are very young, it may be better to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy than to use your 401k to repay debt. Using your retirement plans may seem like the easy answer but it is […] Read more »

Understanding Home Foreclosure

For people who have just recently encountered the term “home foreclosure”, it may be hard to grasp its full meaning and implications. The general knowledge just states that the home foreclosure process involves the bank taking away the home of an individual who is unable to pay for their dues. In essence, that is a […] Read more »

Tips on How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

These days when credit cards are now deemed as a necessity, it can be quite difficult to totally eliminate credit card debts. Almost everything and every service can now be paid off using your credit cards, which is why almost every adult now owns one or several credit cards. There is actually nothing wrong with […] Read more »