Free Credit Report No Credit Card Needed

Get a free credit report no credit card needed. Check out Credit Sesame. This is a financial site targeted at homeowners and complete debt management. The have a free credit score offer just for registering with the site.

Sure there are others out there but they are all monthly fee based and if you don’t use a credit card then they will want to auto draft your bank account or ask to prepay or pay for a one time credit report and score.

By using the Credit Sesame website you will get your credit report and score. You will also get offers to refinance your mortgage and other debt. If you already have great credit then you may be able to save some money with lower interest rates which they will let you know about. If not you’ll be able to use the site to improve your credit score. Then once it’s where it needs to be then you can save money.

The best advice we can give you though is if you’re in debt, work toward paying it off. And don’t charge it back up again. You never know what’s around the corner. When finances change it is much easier to live debt free than loaded up with consumer debt. You’ll find your credit score will skyrocket once you carry little consumer debt especially revolving debt. This is why in the lending industry we see senior citizens with really high credit scores. They have a long account history and their credit cards are all paid off.