Free Yearly Credit Report

You can get a free yearly credit report, better known as the annual free credit report. The only place to get a free annual credit report is on the website. However this credit report does not come with your credit scores. If you’re a homeowner you can get your free credit scores at the credit sesame website. Otherwise you can pay to have your credit scores added on to your free government credit report at the annual credit report website setup by the government.

If you’re not a homeowner you can get your free credit scores by signing up for a credit monitoring service. The services cost about $15 a month. They are a good idea if you are concerned about identity theft or your children’s identity theft, which is becoming much more popular among thieves recently.

No matter how you choose to get a consumer copy of your credit report with credit scores, you should get one on a regular basis. It stinks finding out about issues when applying for and then being denied for credit, insurance, or even employment. There are three credit bureaus or credit reporting agencies. You either need to get a tri merge credit report or one report from each of the three bureaus.