How Do I Check My Credit Score For Free

Many people do not know how important it is to check their credit report. They also are unaware of the fact that they can obtain an absolutely free credit report each year. Are you curious now? You should be asking yourself, How can I check my credit score at no charge? Well, there are a couple of ways to do this and it only takes a few minutes.

Since the 911 incident, the government has made it possible for consumers to have access to their credit report once per year. Most people do not know this and are paying the credit bureau or some third-party company to view their credit file. What most also do not know is they have 3 credit files, and each one will not read the same. The three major credit-reporting agencies are Equifax, transunion, and Experian. These companies are responsible for maintaining complete and accurate information on each individual.

In some cases, not all information contained in these files is accurate. This is purely accidental though. Many people share the same first and last name, and even live in the same state. To make it even more complicated, they even share the same exact birth date. This is where mistakes and erroneous information can make a person life miserable. The misinformation can be deleted, but there is a process that one must follow to make it happen. It starts with contacting all three of the credit reporting agencies and order, your absolutely free credit report.

Another way that individuals can get an absolutely free credit report is by requesting it after they have been denied credit. If you have been turned down for credit within the last 30 days you are entitled to a free credit report. The law stipulates that everyone should know what is in his or her credit report.