Make your credit report look good again – Use these tips

Make your credit report look good again – Use these tips


It is very important for you to have a good credit report. Your credit report shows how

responsible you are financially and how well you can handle your debts. It is important that you

follow credit repair tips to increase your credit score by adding more positive information to your

credit report. It is important for you to have a high credit score.


If you have a high credit score then it will be much easier for you to get a conventional loan or

a mortgage at suitable terms and conditions. Sometimes job interviews may also ask to see your

credit report to check how well you are at handling your finances and thus deduce your capacity

of finance management. Thus you can see if your credit report is tarnished you should not delay

further and work towards improving your credit report. Here are some credit repair tips that can

help you in the process.


Check out your credit reports carefully – You should order your credit report from all the

three credit agencies, Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. In all probability the three reports are

not same as your creditors don’t have to report to all the credit unions. They just have to report to

one agency to which they are subscribed. You are entitled to get a free report annually from all

three credit agencies. You should examine these reports carefully as mostly all consumers have

some or the other error in at least one of the credit reports from the major credit bureaus. This is

because the credit bureaus don’t verify any information that they get from your creditors. Your

credit report may also have typing errors and inaccurate or incomplete information or outdated

account statuses. Dispute all these items and get them removed from your credit report so that

your credit score increases.


Find ways to reduce your debts – It is necessary for you to devise a plan that reduces your

debts and helps you to pay back all your debts on time. If you are facing difficulties while

making payments then you have to take things in your own hand. First of all if you have missed

one or two payments then you should immediately call your creditors and negotiate with them

to not report your account as delinquent which can harm your credit score. You should also

negotiate with your creditors to reduce the interest rate on your outstanding debts. You should

save enough money every month to pay off you debts as fast as possible.


Monitor the number of accounts you have – You should slowly close your unused and

unneeded accounts over a span of several months and not in a hurry. It is usually recommended

by experts to carry between two and four credit cards. However, you should be cautious when

you are canceling an account because when you close an account it may negatively impact your

credit score depending upon a number of factors. Your credit score is generated by considering

the ratio of your total debts to your total available credit. As a rule of thumb, you should keep

your revolving debt as 50% of the credit available to you.


Show responsibility with debt – Your credit score improves if you show responsible behavior


with debt. You can take out small loans and pay them back in time to show that you are good at

handling debts and thereby work towards adding positive information to your credit report. This

in turn will lead to an improvement in your credit score.


Thus you can see how the above mentioned tips can make your overcome your problems

improve your credit report.