Simple Credit Repair Rapid Re score Explained

Credit repair for the most part is considered to be a “shady business” by most reputable credit related businesses. However when we here at CRA talk about credit repair, we suggest things that you can do yourself to increase your credit scores via a rapid re-score.

Rapid re-score is a service offered by credit agency affiliates AKA credit bureau affiliates who supply mortgage brokers and other credit businesses with access to pull credit reports.

Mortgage brokers that have access to Credit Xpert Software offered through their credit report supplier, one such supplier is Credit Technologies, Inc. Credit Technologies offers training seminars for mortgage brokers to better advise their clients as to how to rapidly improve credit score using advice provided directly from the credit supplier.

Once the Tri merge credit report is pulled by the professional, he will find a credit score report on the last page. This page has a chart which predicts credit score improvements available by simply changing credit card balances and or credit limits. This one tip can improve credit scores 50-100 points.

The professional only has to advice the consumer of which action to take with their credit cards, once the balance adjustment is made, the professional orders a rapid re-score where all 3 credit bureaus update the reported credit card balances and other credit data.

If all professional credit report advice is followed the predicted improvements will be reflected in the updated credit report. As a mortgage broker we were always successfully getting our customers credit scores increased in less than 30 days. Plenty of time to close on a home loan after credit re-score.