Simple Steps You can Take To Repair Credit

Having been in “the credit business” for almost 20 years. I have seen just about every scheme “out there” for credit repair.

Here is the “real story” from a true credit expert. You can do it your self within 12 months or less or you can pay the right company about $800 in 4 monthly payments (aff link, not my company) to do the same thing and get that 640 credit score need to qualify for major purchases, such as a home loan.

How to increase credit score to 640

Now that you know you can easily get similar results by doing credit repair yourself by following these easy steps.

  1. Get new positive credit on your report, use it and pay on time
  2. keep revolving debt, credit cards and home equity lines of credit, also called open-ended credit or open-ended loan balances as low as possible,
  3. Do NOT close the oldest revolving or open credit accounts out.
  4. Do not pay or settle debt older than 24 months
  5. do not apply for new credit until your credit score is above 640 (or your target score)
  6. use bankruptcy, debt settlement, foreclosures, and other get off the hook measures when needed
  7. know the outcome of your actions ahead of time with special consumer credit monitoring
  8. find a mortgage broker that has a credit reporting affiliate that uses “Credit Xpert” software

All of the above steps may not apply to everyone. That’s where having a friend (this website is your friend silly) in the lending business can really help. For example someone may have a 620 credit score and with some fine tuning they could get it to a 740 rather than just to the minimum of 640.

Try following the above steps and then come back and let us know how it worked out. Check out some of the end results here these are some reviews of happy borrowers and homeowners that have used our credit report advice recently.