Who Cares About Your Credit Report?

When is the last time you’ve looked at your credit report? Never? Does it really matter? You bet it matters! There are a lot of things on a credit report that you might not expect, and there are a lot of facets of your life that can be impacted by those items. Why take the chance that there might be something on that report that you don’t know about?

Everyone knows that if you skip a few credit card payments (cheapest unsecured loans) it’s going to show up on your credit report and affect your credit score in a bad way. It’s the less obvious little items that you don’t think about that can linger on a report and really hurt you. For instance my wife got a copy of her report once and there was an item on there for a movie she had rented years ago and apparently forgotten to return. It cost $85 to resolve the issue with the video store but at least it was no longer getting higher each month and there isn’t a ding on her report that might keep us from getting a mortgage (compare secured homeowner loans) in the future.

Did you know that there are some employers that will take a look at your credit report when they are in the process of deciding who to hire. They equate a clean credit report with responsibility and there for a perk in a new employee. Also there are some apartment complexes that will take a look at your credit report when you apply to rent from them. Do you really want to risk missing out on a job in this economy? Or miss out on that dream apartment when all you had to do was order you credit report and take a look?

Getting a copy of your report is easy. Just hop online and you can usually get signed up to take a look in as little as five mins. Then you know what’s there and can take care of any issues…before they take care of you!